Thinking of baptism?

with thanks to RGM photos


You will hear it called baptism or Christening. It's the same thing! The church calls the ceremony baptism but it also gets called Christening as we are making a commitment to Jesus Christ and marking our place in his family.

How do I book?

All baptisms for both churches should be booked in person at our office hour 6 - 7pm each Thursday evening. This is to ensure that we keep all your important information in one central place. Any queries or concerns can be answered there by our lovely volunteers. But always feel free to  contact the clergy if you need to. Please note that the parish office is shut for some weeks in December and early January so feel free to contact the clergy if you need to book then.

What will it cost?

Nothing! There is no charge for baptism. There will be an opportunity to give to Winter Warmer - a hot meal on a Tuesday evening from Nov - March and the work of Centrepoint Sunderland. If you'd like to make a donation specifically to the work of the church it will be gratefully received.

Which church?

Baptism services take place at 12 noon each week:

The first and third Sunday of the month at Holy Trinity and the second and fourth Sunday at St. Cuthbert.